AI contest challenge

ai contest challenge

Result of selection phase of the competition

Tuesday, 23 February 2016، 08:48 AM

Congrats to you all for being with us until here, with the continuous efforts of our technical team, the primary rankings are ready to be announced.

513 teams participated in this tournament, 424 of which finalized their registration. 216 out of the 424 finalized teams, submitted their codes and were participated in the final results.

You can see the primary rankings in here.

Also you can observe your games in the "my games" tab of "my team" section in the website; you can check how your ranking has been evaluated by the following instructions:

Seeding: Each team plays 3 matches on 3 different maps with the random AI, which you can see the scores based on these games in this page.

According to this ranking, the grouping process is finished as described; 1st-20th teams in the first group, 21th-40the teams in the second group and so on in the 10th group. 201th-216th teams are placed in the supplementary group.

Qualification: Here every team plays against one team from each group, on two different maps. The primary ranking is evaluated by these 20 matches for each team. 

Supplementary: Note that the 16 teams existing in the supplementary group also play a match against one team from each group, but the scores are only counted for these 16 teams, so the score other teams have received in these matches are not counted in their final score for the primary ranking.

As it could be noted, 4264 matches were held in this stage.

Please note that technical team has taken everything into account so the maps are selected in a way that no strategy has obvious advantages. Moreover, the maps have been designed such that the two teams are in the exact same spot and state in initially. (Although in some maps it might be hard to recgonize this equality and parallelism easily in the beginning, with a little more accurate look you can find the parallelism in the mail.)

While watching the game, if your player doesn't move it means that your code has run into an error or your time limit has been exceeded. The technical team have done their best to check suspicious situations to ensure that the problem was caused by the code and there's no problem with the procedure of the contest.

Despite all the efforts the technical team has put together to control the performance and faultless execution of each match, you can let us know if you have any objections about the procedure of ranking or the score,via the "contact us" section or directly through, explaining your objection in details ,by Tuesday February 23th, 20:29. The objections won't be investigated after this time.

Should any problems come up, you can contact the secretariat of the contest by dialing +982166165781.

The top 48 teams will be participating in the on-site stage. If any of these 48 teams doesn't have the possibility to participate in the next stage, the next available team by the ranking will replace that team. Also the top 16 teams among the teams that don't have the possibility of participating in the next stage will be participated in another independent tournament.

More information about participating in the on-site stage of the contests will be provided soon.

  • Competition secretary

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