AI contest challenge

ai contest challenge

Selection Phase of Sharif AI Challenge 2016

Wednesday, 10 February 2016، 05:27 PM

Regarding your participation in AI Challenge, we announce that online phase will be officially started at 10th of February 17:30 (GMT). Participants can submit their codes until 17th of February at 17:30 (GMT) on contest ‘HomePage’ 

At first head of the team should finalize team members in ‘my team’ page. Please consider that after finalization changing members or name of team isn’t possible anymore. If you have finalized your team by mistake, you can inform organizing committee in ‘contact us’ in order to take proper action.

After beginning of contest and finalizing team by head of team, contest documents will be available in ‘my team’ page. Also you will be able to submit your codes and hold friendly match against other teams in ‘my team’ page in near future. As soon as addition of these features, it will be announced in weblog.

After contest deadline and holding a tournament between submitted codes by teams, top 48 teams that qualify for being present in final phase (Sharif University of Technology) will be determined according to contest document. In addition, there will be another contest between top 16 teams who can not be present in final phase and top 3 teams will be awarded memorials of contest.

You can ask your related questions in ‘QA page’ and it will be answered by technical team as soon as possible.

In case of any problem you can inform organizing committee in ‘contact us’ page.

News and changes in online contest procedure will be announced in contest ‘weblog’, so it’s highly recommended to visit ‘weblog’ frequently in order to be informed of latest news.

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