AI contest challenge

ai contest challenge

Registration guide of the contest

Thursday, 4 February 2016، 10:47 PM
Registering for AI Challenge contest has been officially started via contest ‘Home Page’.In order to register each member of team should have an account in main website individually.

For creating an account go to our Home Page,enter “signup” part.Then fill the signup form with appropriate information.After submitting the form, a confirmation mail will be sent to your email and by clicking on the link in confirmation mail you will enter homepage again. This email may enter your junk. Please check your spam as well.
For adding picture to your profile, you can see

In addition team's foreman can remove or change team members,likewise members can leave their team.Also people can enter team’s page and request for joining the team and head of team can accept or refuse this request.
But consider that any change in team structure is allowed until the end of registration and after deadline any team that doesn't have complete members ,can't participate in final (site) phase of contest.

After all members of team has created an account,one of team members should enter “my team” part and create a team by choosing a name.Then enter other members emails in order to add them to the team.An invitation mail will be sent to other members and after confirming that,they will join the team.
You can see last year document here.
Hope to see you in AI Challenge 2016
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